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About Company

We have the honour to introduce our company “Wind Rose Shipping" successfully dealing in marine business all over the world.

The main idea of our agency is providing professional seagoing personnel at all ranks.
Our clients are first of all our partners for us. We always value the opinion and the positions of our clients. It is the trust of our clients that allows us to reach complete mutual understanding. Step by step, result by result we reach our common purpose.

We provide manning services to the different companies of Greece, Poland, Egypt, United Arab Emirates.

We have a huge data base which includes seamen of all ranks and is in progress of updating day-by-day.

"Wind Rose Shipping" has a policy of undertaking reference checks, wherever possible, before introducing applicants to prospective employers.

Please note that medical examination and drug alcohol test are carried out by Medical Center, licensed in accordance with Ukrainian Legislation International Health Regulations.

The growth and the success of our clients are the growth and the success of "Wind Rose Shipping" either.

We are looking forward for best partnership and good cooperation.


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